Where We Are Located

Moreton Island is a large sand island, 36kms long, covering 17,500ha, only 35kms off Brisbane, forming the eastern boundary of the Moreton Bay Marine Park
It is 98% National Park protecting its unique vegetation, wildlife, freshwater lakes and streams and its magnificent coastal sand dunes.

Moreton Island MapThe rocky headland of Cape Moreton offers majestic views over the stretches of white sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear blue waters.
The island is largely undisturbed and is one of the few remaining natural wilderness paradises.

Your Moreton experience begins on board the "MiCat" ferry from Lytton. A modern, fast vehicle and passenger catamaran which cruises smoothly across to the island in just over an hour. The passenger lounges are luxurious and offer a cafe and comfortable cruise across beautiful Moreton Bay.

The camp is set up in the Comboyuro Campgrounds (walking distance from the township of Bulwer), a National Parks facility, providing protected, shady sites with toilets and showers adjacent to the camp. The foreshore directly in front of the camp offers calm, clear waters, safe swimming, fishing and a wide beach for sports and activities.
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